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The enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise and the inexhaustible motive force to promote enterprise development. The purpose goes to inspire people, improve quality, gather strength, strengthen management, improve efficiency and promote development.

With the building work development of the party, the labor union and the league, following the footsteps of Hengli Group, Kanghui Petrochemical continuously improves the capability of independent innovation and enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise and form a harmonious internal environment. With a strong sense of social responsibility to build a harmonious enterprise culture, the enterprise culture activities are carried out vigorously. Adhering to the “people oriented, strengthening management, advocating humanistic culture”, Kanghui Petrochemical nurtures positive spirit of the employees and motivates the enthusiasm, the initiative and creativity to enhance the cohesion, to develop the effect of the spiritual strength of common will and pursuit, all of which lay the foundation for sustainable development of the enterprise.

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